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About Us

In the year 2022, skyrocketing fuel prices have threatened livelihoods and social stability and is crippling the worldwide economy .
Fuel Token provides a global payment system to be accepted at gas stations all around the world.

Merchants can enable FUEL Token acceptance anywhere they currently receive payments, whether in-store, online, or in their FUEL mobile app. Fuel holders gain incredible crypto and points for cash rewards to offset the rising costs of gasoline.


Points = Cash Back

Promotions offered by all major gasoline companies partnered with Fuel Token as an affiliate marketing company.

Crypto Back

Reflections from all worldwide transactions paid to holders in Fuel Tokens.


Fuel Token will be used as a global payment system to be
accepted at gas stations all around the world.
Fuel’s technology will allow instant digital payments at gas pumps everywhere through our mobile app.
Our plan is for Fuel Token to be transacted at a lower rate than any merchant credit or debit card purchases. This makes our token much more attractive to owners of gasoline companies by increasing their overall net profits.

Fuel will be a Universal Token available and traded throughout all major crypto networks.

Initially started on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) through PancakeSwap, FUEL will become a true universally traded token with limited supply spread out over more networks than any other token in the world such as ETH, Polygon/Matic, Ripple/XRP, Hyperledger, Tezos, Steller, Corda & so many more with seamless cross chain conversions with our future developed platform.

Targeted Partnerships

Existing Partnerships


The owner of Fuel has been fully verified
The smart contract of Fuel has been fully audited by

Public Launch

Saturday July 30, 2022 (8:00PM EST)


Token Name: FUEL

Total Supply: 100,000,000

1st Network: Binance Smartchain/BSC

Specification: Bep20


Reflections: 3%

Liquidity: 3%

Marketing: 2%

Buy Back: 1%



Q3 2022

Token deployment
Public Launch on PancakeSwap
Coin Gecko Listing
Coin Market Cap Listing
100,000 Holders
Massive marketing
CEX Listing

Q4 2022


5,000,000 social media reach
1,000,000 Holders
KuCoin Listing
Binance Listing
10 additional exchange listings
Partnerships with several leading gas companies

Q1 2023


15,000,000 social media reach
5,000,000 Holders
Mobile App
Listing on all major exchanges
Easy purchase with all global currencies
Partnerships with ALL leading gasoline companies
Initial development of cross chain network technology
Implementation of digital gas station payments

Q2 2023


25,000,000 social media reach
10,000,000 Holders
Global recognition
Become the leading form of gasoline payments using all major blockchain networks

Meet the Developer

Robert Paul

An experienced entrepreneur Mr. Robert Paul has worked as hard as humanly possible all his life to achieve greatness and true success. Through many extreme hardships, struggles & adversities, Robert has always continued to fight NON-STOP! He vows to honor those who believe in him and his projects with lifelong blessings and will be there for this amazing ride!

Robert is hardly alone in this movement. An international team of hundreds of highly talented individuals from around the world are right next to him! You will hear his voice, feel his & team’s passion & understand what is in their heart & souls through many weekly addresses on all social media platforms and audio podcasts! This is an exciting moment where Robert and his entire team shall prove THEY WILL SHINE!

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